our history

It was in 1923, with a faith rediscovered during the First World War, that Maurice Chéret took over rue du Vieux Colombier (Paris 6th) a company in the tradition of St.Sulpice, the Cabaret House founded under the Restoration. Maurice Chéret believed in his time and from the beginning opted for a contemporary expression. He has in his team the creator Dudeffant, and collaborates with Jean Lambert Rucki.

Poincon de maître, maison Chéret

In 1953, his son Jean joined the Society. Father and son continue their action and participate in prestigious achievements of the time: the Cathedral of Bogota, the Underground Basilica of Lourdes, the Chapel of Orly Airport, the Liner France.

Jean Chéret became responsible for the Society when his father died in 1966. Himself a creator, he boldly developed the contemporary option and collaborated with architects Pinsard and Vago. He created AAM Atelier d’Application du Métal opening the workshops to lay creations. He will thus face the crisis of activity brought about by the reflection of the religious world during the Second Vatican Council. Jean Chéret edits objects and lighting in collaboration with other designers including Jacques Moniquet, Patrick Augelet and gives their chance to young designers. In 1976, he moved the workshops to the 11th arrdt, keeping a store-gallery on rue Madame.

With his death in 1982, Claude his wife ensures continuity in essentially liturgical achievements, establishing a flexible organization that allows to adapt to the programs to be treated while ensuring the continuity of the Chéret spirit.

In 2017, the Chéret store moves from its hitorical location to a new adress, 7 rue Mayet in the 6th arrondissement.

Since summer 2020, Maison Chéret is driven by Antoine Chevillard. He ensures its continuity with the usual team as well as the advice of Claude Chéret.