A great year for ChéretAfter many years of a work esteemed by all, Madame Chéret entrusted the continuity of her store to Antoine Chevillard during summer. Coming from  a liturgical…

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(Français) Vente à distance

Sur simple demande, nous assurons un service de vente à distance.Nous sommes à votre disposition pour répondre à votre questions par mail au sur simple appel.Nous proposons un service de…

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Chalices brassware

 Precious dinanderie chalices    Semi-precious dinanderie chalices       Pewter chalices       Tin cups 

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Models stoles

  Right stole       Stole with break at the hip  

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  A workshop specialized in metal work and if necessary ensuring the coordination of the various techniques associated with wood, glass, perspex, stone, ...  

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Chasuble white

CHS 76 bis - Silk application on gold fabrics"> CHS 76 CHS 89 soie brochée or CHS 80 CHS 80 sur tissage blanc CHS 86 CHS 77 Accès rapide autres…

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Chasuble purple

CHS 97 SC CHS 406 PL tissage CHS 81 CHS 77 CHS 97 SC CHS 81 Psaumes toute hauteur CHS 76 CHS 66 CHS uni Chasubles blanches Chasubles vertes Chasubles…

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Dalmatics with stoles

Dalmatics go with liturgical assemblies.Always supplied with a matching stole.   Ref. CHS 85 Agen   Ref. Collection 81 "Psalms"   Ref. CSP BYX   Ref. CSP BYX  

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Chasuble green

CHS 97 SC CHS 80 CHS 81 Psaumes CHS 86 CHS 76 CHS 85 sur tissage faux uni CHS 409 PL Tissage CHS 88 CHS 77 CHS 501 CHS uni…

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Red chasuble

Red chasuble, pattern « palms », application on woolen - CHS-99-SC"> CHS 99 SC CHS 80 CHS Commande spéciale CHS 77 CHS 73 CHS uni CHS 70 Chasubles blanches Chasubles…

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Classic dalmatic

    Classic dalmatic existing in all liturgical colors  

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Baptismal vats standard

Ref. FB 4Removable bowl brassware brassFully assembled by hand hammeringWrought iron base, draped finish and bluedPossibility of deeper tankØ 67 cm, depth. + / - 15 cm H Total 86…

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Baptismal vats special orders

Ref. FB 10 -Removable bowl 1/2 redoutdoor skatingOxidized copper baseSpecial achievement for the Cathedral of Fougères   Ref. FB11Brass bowl with topØ +/- 70 cmSpecial order for the church Saint-Ève…

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Christs J. L. Rucki

These Christs are suitable for wooden crosses of various sizes, crosses choir or procession. "Crown of thorns" ChristRef. CH 114 - h 19 cmRef. CH 118 - h 33 cmRef.…

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